Excellent Resolution goal achieved with destination

Immigration Client

On 2018-01-17

It cannot get any better: I cant thank Attorney Kenny Bhatt enough of what she has done for us. I know Kenny since 1999, when she was practicing at Gujarat High Court in India. My case was so complicated involving immigration as well as family matter that 2-3 attorneys refused to take it before I contacted Kenny. She went above and beyond and spend hours and hours to research and resolve my case. She is dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, super smart, supportive, knowledgeable. She will provide you a clear plan and executes that plan. When I was down and stressed, Kenny stayed on my side and particularly comforted my family in the USA as wella s in India throughout the process. My family felt comfortable talking to her as she speaks Indian languages Though her paralegal does not speak Indian languages. My family and I owe her forever for all the hard work she put in to resolve this case. Today, Im a permanent resident and can stay with my family. I and my whole family loves her a lot and would give her more than 100 stars if possible. Stay blessed and keep serving people in right way Kenny.. Stay blessed and keep serving people in right way Kenny.