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Best Immigration Attorney, Joining Family Together.


On 2018-03-01

Kenny has helped me steer through the perilous waters of the immigration ocean over the last 12 years starting with the O-1 visa and physician Conrad 30 J-waiver process followed by H1B filings, LPR filing and Naturalization. Over the years, her superlative judgment and fantastic instincts have helped me navigate through the maze and complexities of the process to truly arrive in the land of the free – the United States. My family and I remain indebted to her – she is truly the best of the best! I could write many pages on her stellar abilities, but the ones that stand out about her are: 1) her can-do attitude, 2) quickly overcoming USCIS errors, 3) always being available by phone, text or email, and 4) her amazing attention to detail and advocacy on my behalf. I could go on and on, but words are not enough to describe her abilities. May God bless her and her devoted staff!
A Wonderful Lawyer. She is a life-saver


On 2018-02-17

kenny does what the result is gonna be, she was super passionate regarding all the J-1 exchange laws and she went out of her way to help me out of her situation. She fullfills the true meaning of perfect lawyer.
Excellent Service, Prompt Communication, Transparent,


On 2018-02-17

Kenjay Law offices are expert in work based immigration. They provide end to end service, I was able to obtain I754, I131, I130 as well as EAD. They provide services on other topic related to USCIS. Very customer centered approach, putting clients interest first and provide advice accordingly.
Greencard Application -excellent immigration attorney


On 2018-02-08

Kenny was extremely efficient with executing the processes, explained the process thoroughly and made her self available to answer any questions regarding the process. Comes highly recommended. Keeps it honest regarding the odds of the case outcomes. Leaves nothing to chance, critical component.